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.RF wireless IC


The AD-RF500 is a highly integrated, ultra low power, single-chip ASK / OOK RF receiver chip. High-frequency signal reception is fully integrated on-chip to provide the most reliable reception with minimal peripherals and lowest cost. Therefore, "antenna high-frequency modulation signal input, digital demodulation signal output" is a true monolithic receiver.


Operating Voltage Range 2.0V to 5.5V Very High Sensitivity -1 10 dBm and Ultra Low Operating Current @ 1.8 mA are suitable for a variety of equipment such as low power requirements of 315 MHz. The core is RF and IF tuning, so that all on-chip automation development and production have been bypassed by manual tuning process engineering, which reduces cost and time to market.

 Characteristic :

  • Complete single-chip UHF receiver
  • l Frequency range: 300MHz to 440MHz
  • Working voltage: 2.0V - 5.5V
  • Low power mode:

         n 1.8 mA (315 MHz, fully operational)

         n 2.4 mA (433.92 MHz, fully operational)

         n 0.01uA (shutdown mode)

  • Receive sensitivity

         n -1 10 dBm @ 315 MHz

         n-1 is the dBm of the @ 433

  • Data rate:

         10 Kbps at 315 MHz

         433 MHz @ 10 Kbps

  • Standard CMOS interface control and decoding data output
  • RF antenna radiant heat is very low
  • Most economical peripheral design
  • l High integration, simple peripherals, reliable and reliable


  • Remote control fan
  • Remote control indicator
  • Remote control door
  • Remote keyboard
  • Long range RFID
  • Smart Home Controller
  • remote control toys
  • Wireless encryption device receiver
  • Near-field remote control


The AD-RF316S features an internal RF transmit circuit and high-performance MCU programming circuitry that supports ASK modulation, all of which can be performed automatically on-chip. Circuits such as PLLs and power amplifiers are integrated into the chip. The AD-RF316S features low power consumption, wide operating voltage and large output power.


The PLL and power amplifier are integrated into the chip, the PLL provides the carrier signal to the transmitter, and the PLL uses low operating frequencies (433M and 315M). The local oscillator signal provided by the ring oscillator is used. Fixed loops are used in loops. The frequency divider circuit has a built-in loop filter and the total power consumption is controlled to less than 1mA. The power amplifier amplifies the input signal with an open-drain output and an external choke inductor architecture. To improve harmonic suppression, the narrowband matching network uses a -type application of 10 dBm, so that the output signal power is larger. The MCU circuit of the shrink instruction is easier to use and to program.


  • Code rate: less than 20Kbps;
  • Very low power consumption: (using 1KHz modulation signal)
  • Wide operating voltage range +2.2V~+3.6V
  • Wide operating frequency range 300MHz~450MHz
  • Consumption current is less than 1uA in shutdown mode
  • Operating temperature range -25°C+75°C
  • Only a few peripheral components are required
  • External crystal oscillator during operation
  • 768 x 12 bits OTP ROM & 34 x 8 bits General Purpose RAM ( 2 bytes share with SFR)
  • Built-in interrupt processing
  • 4-level hardware stack
  • 8 independent IOs and 1 multiplexed IO
  • Built-in pull-up function
  • Sleep power saving mode
  • MCU built-in multiple oscillators and RC



  • Remote access control remote control
  • Security product remote control
  • Remote control fan, lighting switch remote control
  • Smart furniture remote control
  • Various wireless control toy remote control
  • Multimedia device remote control


The AD-RF01 is an IO type, OTP-based program storage base, and a 2.4G high-speed wireless transceiver unit. The wireless transceiver unit operates in the 2.400-2.483GHz world-class ISM band. It integrates RF transceiver channels, frequency generators, crystal oscillators, modems and other functional modules, and supports one-to-many networking and communication modes with ACK. The transmit output power, working channel, and communication data rate can all be configured. It adopts GFSK communication mode, supports automatic response and automatic retransmission, and has its own scrambling code and CRC check function.

The microcontroller uses the RISC architecture to make most of the instruction execution time an instruction cycle. Only a small number of indirect address access instructions require two instruction cycles. AD-RF01 has built-in 2KW OTP program memory and 128

Byte data memory; In addition, AD-RF01 provides a 16-bit hardware counter, two 8-bit counters (Timer2, Timer3) and an 11-bit counter (PWMG02) can generate PWM; AD-RF01 also provides a The hardware comparator and the 1/2VDD bias voltage that drives the LCD.

Characteristic :

Clock mode: Internal high frequency RC oscillator (IRRC), internal low frequency oscillator

  • Hardware 16-bit timer
  • Two 8-bit hardware PWM generators, three 11-bit hardware PWM generators, up to 5 PWM outputs
  • Provide a hardware comparator
  • Quick wake-up function
  • Built-in 1/2VDD LCD bias voltage generator to support up to 3X10 dot matrix LCD screen
  • 3 segment LVR reset setting ~ 2.75V, 2.5V, 2.2V
  • 9 IO pins with optional pull-up resistors
  • Different IO drive capabilities to meet different application needs
  • Optional IO drive capability, normal or low drive

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